August 1, 2016 /

Film Scans


A big trend in photography this year has been the advent of film. Yes, film. To set themselves apart, photographers have been offering film as a ‘new’ look to offer to clients. It may seem silly to go back to an old technology and offer it as something new, but with the advent of film simulations such as VSCO and Mastin Labs photographers now had the old film look to give to clients. Not to be satisfied with artificial imitations, some great and now trend setting photographers went back to the source and offered real film scans to their clients. So, I decided to jump back onto the film bandwagon. I was a photographer back when there was no digital option. I’ve shot weddings on 35mm film (scary) and I for one was happy with the digital revolution. But this summer I took the plunge and went back to shooting film. I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes to the final image. Film has a look that is very hard for a digital camera to duplicate, and if I could shoot film with the same piece of mind and volume that I shoot digital, I would be in picture heaven. As it stands I’ll have to settle for the occasional use. But wow, I’m in love with film again!