October 12, 2017 /

Tamron 45mm f1.8


In my last post I talked about being wowed by a Tamron Lens. I’ve been sharing my enthusiasm for this lens with other photographers, and I always get the same reaction. It’s usually – “Meh”. Apparently, all of my photog friends have been underwhelmed by Tamron too. I also mentioned that this lens may have a bit of magic to it. While it doesn’t have the same character as the 58 f1.4, it does have it’s own uniques lens character that I’m really liking. It’s sharp when focus is nailed – almost mirrorless camera sharp – but has a softness to it as it transitions to the out of focus areas. Very nice! While it’s only a 1.8 lens, it does have 9 rounded blades that give a nice soft look. I wish the out of focus areas where at bit more exaggerated when doing environmental portraiture, but this is only a 45mm lens so too much can’t be expected. Where this lens really shines is close focus. I can see this lens in my bag on wedding days as I think this will be excellent for detail shots. The background just melts away and you get a really nice painterly look. Combine that with a very versatile focal length and I think this is a winner. I picked mine up during a promotional sale that Tamron was running and I think it’s a steal for what you get (I think it may be a steal at full price as well). Pros: Double duty for portraits and close focus shots, great color and contrast, Vibration Control, great price. Cons: A bit heavy for a lens of this focal length, slower focusing than I’d like. Overall: I think there is a place for this lens in my bag.